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Between Naps

Summer's pace has remained slow and steady, partially because I don't do heat, and because I didn't sign up to attend any conferences, and, well, because I tested positive for COVID. I quarantined for two weeks in our master suite (sneaking outside to the greenhouse from time to time) and was masked almost constantly indoors.  I never had a fever but was a snot monster on a grand scale.  I couldn't smell or taste for three days and lethargy frankly made it easy to stay in bed. Though I'm finally testing negative, I remain a napper.  I hoped my get-up-and-go would return but so far I've only been inclined to purchase books, water some plants, crochet, nap for two or three hours daily and cuddle with Charlie.  Some books are replacements while the others are new additions for the library after I read them this summer. Tish-Tish joined me on the floor as I began arranging squares for an afghan.  Half of this batch has since been blocked, with the other half drying

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